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Looking For the Best Villa in South Bangalore?


India is hustling and bustling these days, people have gotten richer and have been living extravagantly. In order to live the best quality life, it is important for you to live in a spacious place keeping in mind its location.

It is tremendously tedious when it comes to picking the best city to find a house in. Bangalore is one such place where there are many emerging construction companies who are looking to give the best experience to the potential home owners. Because Bangalore is a perfect concoction of a metropolitan city and also possesses the rustling beauty of the countryside, it is garnering a lot of attention of home-buyers.

Why is there a need of a Villa?

 Owning an independent house has always been, and will always be the dream of many. Villa type independent houses are the new trend. Several metro cities in India have been caught up with this idea. Among them, Bangalore is a pioneer in villa construction. Who doesn’t want to live in a villa which has high ceilings and large windows?

Also, the main reason behind purchasing a villa is that, in a villa a person is allowed their freedom as they possess an independent and separate housing. However, finding the best villa is not just about the villa itself, you have to locate the best villa based according to the style, accessibility, and cost.

In Bangalore, the best place to find a villa is the South region because many constructions are taking place in the area. Located at a perfect location, between the city and the outskirts, the area serves as a perfect place to live happily with your family.

Which are the top 10 villas in South Bangalore?

You are going to buy a villa, once or maybe twice in your lifetime. But, the question is why would you need to buy a second villa if the first one is just perfect? Radiant Properties have been developing villas in Bangalore for about 10 years, with the only goal of providing quality homes to people and fulfilling their needs, Radiant Properties has always been in the forefront since its inception.With the best amenities like good security services, continuous supply of water, solar water heater equipment, intercom facilities, spacious playing areas for children, swimming pools, and everything that you’ve ever looked for. It’s no surprise that Radiant Properties falls in the Top 10 best villas in South Bangalore.


All the villas in Silver Oak are built with a high level of expertise. The walls of the houses are neatly plastered with lime cement. The doors and windows are made of Sal and Teak wood and are big in size, this ensures proper ventilation and the proper entry of Sunlight. The entire villa is floored with vitrified flooring, anti-skid tiles in the bathroom, and wooden and granite flooring in the Puja room. The outside of the villa is painted with weather coat and the inside walls are coated with the greatest quality emulsions. The power supply system of Crab Tree is installed everywhere in the house with enough number of points. These are AC points and the power supply capacity is of 5 KVA. The staircase too are floored with granite and designer railings. The Silver Oak project of the Radiant group is located in Yelanhalli, near Begur road, on the Bannerghata road in the south of Bangalore and provide the best villas in the South of Bangalore.

Company Address:

24th Main Rd, JP Nagar Phase 6, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078


How Bangalore is getting transformed with innovative apartment structure?


The concept of apartment is not really quite new but is prevalent for the last twenty years. In the recent times, apartments are all build within a particular enclosed are (complex) and that becomes a different city altogether for people residing in it. All basic needs of the people are available within that space. Staring from a stationery shop till small nursing homes, everything is there to provide assistance to people.

Bangalore one of the most advance cities in India is a hub of various people coming from different parts of the country and settling down for the future. The city is well groomed with every modern facility. The young crowd settling down at Bangalore mostly prefers the apartment style to live.

Radiant properties, one of the largest real estate platforms in Bangalore is undergoing various projects at electronic city. The organization is dedicated to give people the best place to reside. The apartments in South Bangalore by Radiant Group are quite famous in the city due to its open space and marvelous architectural design.

More than the price and location, people are interested in knowing the various amenities that gets provided. At every project, radiant properties give the following elements to all the residents.

 An area enclosed for the children to play- A playground is a must. No matter what, every residential place should have a playground especially build for the children. At radiant properties, the playground is build with proper care and is designed in a very efficient way for the children to enjoy the limited time they get to play.

 Gym- A well organized gym is also there for the people to shape up a well defined body. All advance equipment are already there in the gym.

 Multipurpose hall- This space is build for the people to organize social ceremonies and other occasions. All the projects of Radiant Properties have a high class multipurpose hall where people can actually organize a grand ceremony.

 Jacuzzi- This is a new concept that got implemented in the past few years. Jacuzzi is very crucial to heal people from stress.There are various apartments in electronic city by Radiant Group. Some projects are already completed and few are under process. The apartments nearby bicon on Hosur road are also under construction. People can actually start the process of booking from now. Price range of properties by Radiant Group .There are variable price ranges offered by Radiant group in the project Radiant Spencer. The apartments less than 40 lkh are also available for the ordinary people. Radiant Spencer also offers apartment with best amenities less than 40lkh. The entire project has been build keeping in mind the economical status of the ordinary people who can afford a flat at a minimum price range.Real estate is right now a booming business out there in Bangalore. Radiant Group is one of the most well know organization making some innovative human habits for the modern India. The Apartments at South Bangalore by Radiant Group

Villas of Gated Community in South Bangalore


The South of Bangalore, the garden city, with its pleasant climate and beautiful terrain interspersed with scenic hills and valleys, is a modern day paradise that anybody would love to live in.

Investing in South Bangalore

Bannerghatta Road, a vital artery in the city’s road network has developed tremendously over the past few years, thanks to the presence of the Bannerghatta National Park and the hospitals, educational institutions, and IT companies lining the road. A wildlife park in such close proximity to a metro city has been an awe‐inspiring feat, something that the city and its people are proud of.This fast‐growing IT hub, dubbed as the Silicon Valley of India, is racing ahead of several other cities in a bid to become one of the most modern cities of the country. Its housing pattern is no exception to this, and is undergoing a beautiful change. The city is being studded by several beautiful villas in gated communities. Such gated communities offer several advantages, which make living easier.

Gated Community: A Haven for Safety and Security

Gated communities offer security, the primary requirement of any residential area. Although the security depends on how safe the neighborhood is, a well‐guarded gated community, with proper security installations make a huge impact on your safety. It also adds up to your privacy. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will be wrapped up inside the cocoon created by a gated community. Traffic free streets are a boon, and a gated community offers this. Kids can play safely without the fear of speeding vehicles. Nobody is going to cut through your place to take a shortcut. Apart from these, gated communities offer a range of benefits and luxuries. Private spas, gyms, swimming pools, parks, recreational clubs, community halls, gardens etc are all a part of gated communities. Buying a villa in such a gated community enables you to enjoy these luxuries. Additionally, you get a better sense of belonging    to the place. It is a nice place to socialist, given that there are plenty of places inside where you are most likely to bump into your neighbors, including the gym, park, pool etc.

Well planned buildings, with all the modern amenities is the main perk of gated communities. The buildings and the surroundings are also well maintained, with the maintenance staff being very prompt. Although all this would cost quite an amount, it will be worth every penny. Radiant Properties are one such developers who are offering the comfort that comes along with villas in a gated community in south of Bangalore. If you’re looking for some good facilities, peaceful neighbourhood, etc. available at modest prices, you need to look no further.

4 BHK Villas on Bannerghatta Road-Radiant Properties


If there is a city in India that is a perfect concoction of the sophistication of a metro and the rugged beauty of the countryside, it is definitely Bangalore.

Bannerghatta Road is located on the highway connecting the city of Bangalore to the village of Bannerghatta. It ends with the Bannerghatta National Park. The road has risen to prominence after the dawn of the new century because of IT companies like Infosys, Accenture, CISCO, Adobe Systems etc., setting up shop there. Aside from this, it houses a few highly reputed educational institutions, including the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, ICFAI Institute of Science and Technology, and also a few hospitals.

Why do we Need a villa? Owning an independent house has always been, and will always be the dream of many. Villa type independent houses are the new trend. Several metro cities in India have been caught up with this idea. Among them, Bangalore is a pioneer in villa construction. The Bannerghatta road has several posh 4 bhk villas. These independent villas offer privacy, and keep away disturbances. Being an independent villa, you have complete freedom to design it the way you want. There will also be room for modifications and additions at a later date. More space can be added by building extra rooms, additional floors etc. in the 4bhk villas. The quality of life in a villa is comparatively better than apartments. You decide what amenities you want. Only a few independent villas can be built in a place, as opposed to the innumerable apartments that are decked up one over the other. Therefore, natural resources like water and air are not exploited much. Additionally, independent villas offer lots of terrace space to install solar panels and save energy. Not only this, the expansive space that a villa spreads over is also something that will make anybody want to live in a villa.

Best 4 BHK Villas in Bangalore


Radiant Properties are offering 4 bhk villas in Bangalore for about 10 years now, with the only goal of providing quality homes to people and fulfilling their needs, Radiant Properties has always been in the forefront since its inception. ‘Gated Community Villas Bannerghatta road’, a major villa project off the Bannerghatta road, is spread across 2.43 acres, and is offering 45 villas. Each is a 4bhk villa, with a SBA ranging from 2600 Sqft to 3048 Sqft. It offers all modern amenities including clubhouse, Gym, Recreation room, Children Play Area, Party Hall, Virtual Golf Simulator, Indoor Games Room, Swimming Pool, Snooker etc. The budget is approximately 1.43 Crores. They come with an approval from the BBMP and all major financial institutions.